Original paper

Changes in terrace deposits along the upper valley of the Khazir river, Iraqi Kurdistan

Elias, Ziyad


The Khazir river valley lies in the northern part of Iraqi Kurdistan which is tectonically active. The author made a field trip and determined the number, location and structure of river terraces with the aid of SRTM image interpretation. Analysis of the fractions and sorting of the terrace deposits was carried out in the geomorphological laboratory. Four levels of terrace occur in the study area. The number of terraces in the study area is the same as in the majority of Tigris, Great Zap, Ruwandiz and Diyala River valleys in Iraq. The highest level is 20 meters above and the lowest level is 5 meters above the modern channel. The thickness of the deposit ranges from two meters in the upper section to fifteen meters on the limb of Shaikhan Mountain. Different deposits are found in each level of terraces along the valley and this may be due to tectonic factors and stream power.


digital elevation modellingkhazir riverlevels of terracestransverse profile of a riveruplift and subsidencezagros mountain