Original paper

Pattern of glacial sediments as an example of complex basin development during the Pomeranian phase of the last glaciation in NW Poland

Paluszkiewicz, Ryszard


Dammed reservoirs are natural sedimentary basins that contain a wide variety of sediments and are common in marginal zones. Their structure, texture and diversity are significantly affected by the rate and conditions of deposition. Though relatively rare, the most characteristic type of deposit is rhythmically-stratified series of varved sediments. Four types of rhythmites have been distinguished within the Pyrzyce Ice-Dammed Lake, which is located in the northwestern part of the Polish Lowland. The rhythmites vary in terms of the rate and conditions of deposition as well as their genesis and locations. Research on the morphogenesis and lithogenesis of the sedimentary basin suggests that the main direction of the supply of material to the reservoir was to the northwest.


varvesglaciolacustrine sedimentationpomeraniaice-dammed lakelate vistulianrhythmites