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Holocene tectonic uplift using geomorphometric parameters, GIS and OSL dating: Palar River basin, southern peninsular India

Resmi, M.R.; Achyuthan, H.; Jaiswal, Manoj Kumar

Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, NF Volume 61 Issue 3 (2017), p. 243 - 265

published: Dec 1, 2017
manuscript accepted: Oct 20, 2017
manuscript revision received: Oct 19, 2017
manuscript revision requested: Jun 27, 2017
manuscript received: Nov 29, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/zfg/2017/0433

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Abstract Morphotectonic analysis of landscape using remote sensing and GIS is an effective way of deducing the pattern and spatial variation of neotectonic activity in the drainage basin. In the present study, we have undertaken geomorphologic, morphometric indices analyses and OSL (Optically stimulated luminescence) dating to investigate the neotectonic activity in the Palar River basin. Morphometric indices such as the Stream-gradient index (SL), Hypsometric curve and integral (HI), Valley floor width-valley height ratio (Vf), Drainage basin shape (Bs), drainage basin asymmetry (Af) and longitudinal profile for the five major sub-basins were delineated. These major indices were combined to yield the index of relative active tectonics (Iat) using GIS. Based on Iat values the Palar River basin area was classified into three classes: Class 2 with high relative tectonic activity (41%), class 3 with moderate tectonic activity (47%) and class 4 with low tectonic activity (12%). None of the sub-basins falls in class 1 i.e. very high tectonic activity. With OSL dates we estimated the incision rates, the high incision rate was observed in sub-basin III, followed by sub-basin II that occurred due to tectonic uplift. The rate of incision varies from 0.04 to 6.6 mm/a indicating the differential rate of incision and uplift in these sub-basins. Morphometric indices along with quantitative geomorphic approach coupled with OSL dating revealed the vertical uplift of terrace sections and extent of neotectonic activity that occurred at various levels in the Palar sub-basins.


Palar RiverGISgeomorphic indicesOSLdatingneotectonic activity