Original paper

Detailed geomorphological mapping: A potential basis for sediment flux assessments

Nygaard, Niels; Kolstrup, Else


A detailed geomorphologic map of the Vattholma area, Uppland, Sweden, uses a newly developed legend that allows visual presentation of much descriptive information on hydrography, morphometry and morphography, lithological composition as well as genesis of the landforms. The area consists of an old peneplane with a rift valley and has undergone several glaciations. Following the last glaciation, glacio-isostatic rebound transformed the area from sea bottom to dry land, and today the major impression is one of glacially modified higher areas and lower lying marine/lacustrine parts. The geomorphological map provides information on the extension and relative distribution of lithologies and demonstrates how the landscape appears today and outlines the processes, which have created the landforms through time. In combination with regolith depth data the map gives a good overview of the area. It is suggested that this type of map can provide important background information for the choice of sampling and monitoring sites and for modelling purposes of both physical and chemical changes of the landscape. The system also works in cold climate areas in agreement with the focus of the sediflux program.