Original paper

Geoarchaeological studies in the coastal area of Istron-Kalo Chorio (gulf of Mirabello- Eastern Crete): landscape evolution and paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Theodorakopoulou, Katerina; Pavlopoulos, Kosmas; Triantaphyllou, Maria; Kouli, Katerina; Tsourou, Theodora; Bassiakos, Yiannis; Zacharias, Nikos; Hayden, Barbara


Within the framework of an ongoing scientific project undertaken in the area of Istron-Kalo Chorio, Gulf of Mirabello, eastern Crete, several geoarchaeological methods were employed, to provide information on the paleoenvironmental reconstruction and landscape evolution. The combination of detailed field-survey, geophysical prospection, archaeological excavations, along with geomorphologic observations, analyses and dating on deposited sediments, gave evidence of the paleogeographic evolution of the area and its impact on prehistoric, classical and Roman establishments.The study of sea-land interactions during the last seven millennia in relation to the eustatic sea level oscillations and the regional neotectonic regime provided new data for sea level changes and local tectonics.The results of field work and analyses provide insight for landscape evolution, influenced mainly by environmental changes and human presence during the Holocene.