Original paper

Using time series of satellite Earth's observation data to determine geomorphological and paleogeographical changes at the South eastern coastal areas of Gokceada (Imvros) island (Turkey)

Parcharidis, I. Pavlopoulos


Gökçeada (Imvros)island is located on the north Aegean Sea just south of the Dardanelles. The present study is focused on the geomorphological changes that took place in the south-eastern coastal area of the island analyzed on the basis of time series of satellite images. The data include a recent very high resolution QuickBird pansharped image, two Landsat 5 TM / 7 ETM data set, three Corona images acquired during '60s and '70s and an ASTER image to be used for DEM generation. In the study area, located in the south-eastern side of Imvros Island, five main geomorpholocical units have been distinguished. Based on the study of the remotely sensing derived products and their analysis and interpretation the main geomorphological processes that prevail in the study area are coastal, fluvial and human. The main coastal processes are focused on the coastal erosion mainly in the cape of Kefalos, and relatively more stable coastline in the Tuzla salt lake.