Original paper

Landslide hazard assessment in the Curvature Carpathians and Subcarpathians, Romania

Micu, Mihai; Balteanu, Dan


The Curvature Carpathians and Subcarpathians in Romania, built of Cretaceous-Paleogene flysch and Mio-Pliocene molasse deposits, are situated in the seismic region of Vrancea, an area affected by a large diversity of mass movements.Based on a GIS assessment, significant variations in landslide hazard are identified, correlating with the following parameters: lithology, structure, slopes, land-use and seismicity. A landslide susceptibility assessment was performed following a bivariate statistical analysis, based on a landslide inventory of more than 500 cases. With no well-documented rainfall thresholds triggering different types of landslides, a landslide hazard assessment based on the Angot Pluvial Index was attempted for the same area. As a result of this assessment, very large areas show high and very high landslide susceptibility, while the hazard assessment allowed for some primary correlations of rainfall amount thresholds with landslide occurrence.