Original paper

Boulder Transport by Waves: Progress in Physical Modelling

Benner, Reinhold; Browne, Tony; Brückner, Helmut; Kelletat, Dieter; Scheffers, Anja


This paper presents apparent shortfalls in calculations pertaining to boulder transport by storm and/or tsunami waves identified from previously published work. These shortfalls have been addressed by analyzing the momentum forces required to shift single boulders from their pre-transport environments. Original formulae have been recalculated using a reduced mathematical approach in combination with simplified assumptions. Differences in boulder size and geometry as well as fluid flow dynamics and transport movement between storm and tsunami waves have been scrutinized in an attempt to clarify the potential size of the wave and the magnitude of force(s) required to cause movement of boulders.


tsunami wavesstorm wavesboulder transportphysical modellingmathematical approach