Original paper

Tsunami vs. storm surge deposits: a review of the sedimentological and geomorphological records of extreme wave events (EWE) during the Holocene in the Gulf of Cadiz, Spain

Lario, Javier; Luque, Luis; Zazo, Cari; Goy, JoséLuis; Spencer, Chris; Cabero, Ana; Bardají, Teresa; Borja, Francisco; Dabrio, Cristino J.; Civis, Jorge; González-Delgado, J. Ángel; Borja, César; Alonso-Azcárate, Jacinto


The Gulf of Cadiz region of Spain has undergone many studies examining Holocene tsunami and storm deposits. Some of the studies aimed at determining recurrence intervals of events interpreted of tsunamigenic origin.A review of geomorphologic, sedimentary and paleontological features of these deposits suggests that only a few of them can be accurately ascribed to tsunami events; instead, most of them lack conclusive evidence of a tsunamigenic genesis and should be referred to as generated by extreme wave events (EWE).


extreme wave eventtsunamistorm surgesedimentologygulf of cadiz