Original paper

Mapping anthropic geomorphological sensitivity on a global scale

Rózsa, Péter; Novák, Tibor


The most useful model proposed to date for the quantifification of anthropogeomorphological impact was formulated by NIR (1983) as an “index of potential anthropic geomorphology”. In addition to social factors, natural conditions are also included in this model: the influence of climate and relief is represented by the constants Kc and Kr, respectively. The Kc values are determined by Köppen's main climatic zones; however, the relief categories had to be defined. On the basis of the possible values of (Kc+Kr) sums, regions of low, moderate, high, and extreme sensitivity for human geomorphological impact were distinguished and mapped on a global scale, the pattern of which resembles that of a world map of present-day geomorphological processes and process combinations. Together with erosion vulnerability maps, this “anthropic geomorphological sensitivity map” provides additional information concerning the potential environmental impact of human geomorphologic activity.


anthropogeomorphological modelclimaterelief