Original paper

Provenance of surface waters on the western coast of Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica

Zwoliński, Zbigniew; Szpikowski, Józef; Wiśniewska, Katarzyna


The aim of this paper is a hydro chemical characterisation of surface waters on the western coast of Admiralty Bay. This area is representative for sub-Antarctic zone. Collected waters are divided in two hydrochemical facies: lakes and stream waters. They differ in chemical composition as a function of contact time of waters with bedrock. Lake waters are more reach in chemical substances in comparison to stream waters. These facies are characterised by longer contact with ground, even multiyear. Stream waters have shorter contact with the bedrock in terms of distance and time and therefore they are more low-grade from the hydrochemical point of view. A brief description of environmental controls completes and motivates characterisation of hydrochemical water facies.


hydrochemical characteristicsion elementslake watersstream watersantarctica