Original paper

Geomorphic activity in flysch badlands of the Istria peninsula (SW Slovenia)

Zorn, Matija


This paper presents the geomorphic activity in the badlands of Slovene part of the Istria peninsula, i.e., sediment production from steep bare flysch slopes (rockwall retreat), movements of flysch debris along erosion gullies, and geomorphic activity on talus slopes. Sediment production of flysch rocks was determined by measurements on erosion plots and totals around 80 kg/m2 per year on average, which means that steep bare flysch rockwalls retreat at a speed of 35 to 50 mm per year. The badlands not only contain flysch walls but also slopes already eroded by erosion rills and gullies. A dam in one of the erosion gullies with the catchment area of 0.1 ha captured 20 tons of debris in fourteen months. Characteristic for both sediment production on steep bare flysch slopes and movements of flysch debris along erosion gullies is a regressive tendency of these geomorphic processes from winter toward fall. Monitoring on talus slopes of the badlands revealed their dual character because erosion here alternates with accumulation.


flyschbadlandsistria peninsulaslovenia