Original paper

Variations of type A channels in Totes Gebirge

Kozma, Kata; Mitre, Zoltan


One of the most typical karren forms on bare slopes of high mountains is the rinnenkarren. In general, these forms develop along the dip direction, their size is about a few decimeters in width and depth, and they are made up of channels in a parallel arrangement. The shape of the channels depends on the amount and regularity of water transport. Our investigation was carried out in the Totes Gebirge (Austria) at an altitude of 1800 m focusing on 13 to 18 m long and 3 to 6 m wide slopes, respectively. The study area was selected to have an average 20°-25° inclination; however in some cases slopes with higher angles were also studied. Our results indicate that type A channels should be divided into further subtypes depending on the inclination.


rinnenkarrenkarren formstotes gebirge