Original paper

Development of covered karstic dolines in ground ice environment (Eastern Alps, Austria) Interests of experimental and mathematical modelling

Veress, Márton; Péntek, Kálmán; Unger, Zoltán; Almási, István


We studied the evolution of dolines in ground ice environment, in a paleouvala of the Hochschwab Mts. (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria) as well as in laboratory conditions. We measured the ground ice thickness of the exploration area by geophysical methods. We estimated the melting (thinning) speed and the pertinent parameters for ground ice samples at different temperatures in laboratory conditions. After simulating the process we were able to determine the physical conditions generating the ground ice melting phenomena, and based on this we calculated its melting speed. Due to the air circulation in the karst, the lower level of the ground ice starts to melt and the covering sediment particles fall down. Thus the thinned covering sediments will fall-in and dropout dolines will mould the ground, or the surface may sink by the progress of the melting, entailing suffosion dolines to be generated.