Original paper

Rainfall simulations - constraints, needs and challenges for a future use in soil erosion research

Ries, J.B.; Iserloh, T.; Seeger, M.; Gabriels, D.


Rainfall simulation on micro-plot scale is a method used worldwide to assess the generation of overland flow, soil erosion, and interrelated processes such as soil sealing, crusting, splash and redistribution of solids and solutes. The so produced data are of great significance not only for the analysis of the simulated processes, but also as a source of input-data for soil erosion modelling. The reliability of the produced data therefore is of paramount importance, and quality management of rainfall simulation procedure a general responsibility of the rainfall simulation-community. This was accepted within the “International Rainfall Simulator Workshop 2011“ at Trier University. The challenges of the present and near future use of small scale rainfall simulations concern the comparability of results and scales, the quality of the data for soil erosion modelling, and further technical developments to overcome physical limitations and constraints. The maybe most important step to a modern quality management is already realised: the initiation of a collaborative community of competent scientists of 11 countries that participated in this project.


rainfall simulationcomparison of rainfall simulationgeneral and specific needs for rainfall simulationcommunity based discussion