Original paper

Hydrogeomorphological Vulnerability in the Romanian Plain Vulnerability in the Romanian Plain

Grecu, Florina; Zaharia, Liliana; Ghi, Cristina


Based on geomorphometrical and morphological theories and concepts, we aim at diagnosing the vulnerability to hydrogeomorphological hazards in the Romanian Plain. The study focuses on specific geomorphic, climatic and hydrological factors influencing the channel and interfluve dynamics in four main watersheds: Vedea (including its tributary Teleorman River), Călmăţui, Neajlov and Mostiştea. Each factor is analyzed in order to identify the threshold values for the occurrence of the geomorphological and hydrological processes that negatively impact the environment and society. At the same time, based on certain specific parameters of the three discussed factors, we have accomplished a multi-criteria analysis that highlights the vulnerability to hydrogeomorphological processes of the investigated watersheds. The basic methods are the analytical and synthetic ones, based on graphical and cartographical models. We could mention the use of graphical and cartographical data representation.


channelcritical valuesgeomorphometryhydrogeomorphological vulnerabilitymeandersromanian plain