Original paper

Factors and processes in deterioration of a sandstone rock form (Pravčická brána Arch, Bohemian Switzerland NP, Czech Republic)

Vařilová, Zuzana; Přikryl, Richard; Zvelebil, Jiří


The Pravčická brána Arch (PBA) is formed in the Cretaceous sandstones of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (NW Bohemia, Czech Republic). It represents the largest sandstone arch and one of the frequently visited natural heritage sites in Europe. The arch, currently in a mature stage of development, suffered from increased anthropogenic impacts over the past decades (until 1982 from the free access of visitors; effects of on-going atmospheric pollution). The impacts of these degradation factors upon the natural processes which will influence the further developments of the PBA are discussed, based on previous detailed surveys and monitoring. The PBA is presented as a self-organizing hierarchical system, exhibiting complex non-linear behaviours.


rock archweatheringmodel of deteriorationcretaceous sandstonestability