Original paper

A review of Danxia landforms in China

Hua, Peng; Fang, Ren; Zhixin, Pan


Named by Chinese geologists, Danxia landforms refer to an erosional landscape developed on red beds, characterized by scarp slopes. Owing to their outstanding landscape and scientific value, Danxia landforms have been studied in China for more than 80 years. However, they are still poorly known outside China. Primary literature has been used to summarize the essential characteristics, the classification system, distribution, and development mechanism of Danxia landforms. The study reveals a research history from early description and classification of features, to the development of process explanation based on data analysis. In addition, a new research agenda is promoted in which experimental and quantitative research methods gain prominence, while international comparative studies on Danxia landforms are also encouraged.


essential characteristicsdevelopment mechanismdanxia landformsred beds