Original paper

Towards a three-dimensional numerical simulation of fluvial geomorphological processes and the reconstruction of past events

Burkow, Markus; Griebel, Michael


This paper gives an overview on the applicability of numerical simulation as a possible additional mainstay in fluvial geomorphology. After a short introduction into computational fluid dynamics, some simulation results of fluid flows are presented. To this end, a morphodynamic model involving bed load and suspension load is discussed and the results of a numerical simulation of a fluvial obstacle mark and a dune are shown. Moreover, the two phase flow around an erodible cone and the overspilling of an erodible dam are studied. These examples demonstrate that computational fluid dynamics is indeed a viable tool for the better understanding of geomorphological processes and in particular for the reconstruction of hydrological extreme events.


numerical simulationgeomorphological processessediment transporttwo-phase flow