Original paper

Palaeotsunami record in near-coast sedimentary archives in southeastern Lakonia (Peloponnese, Greece)

Ntageretzis, Konstantin; Vött, Andreas; Emde, Kurt; Fischer, Peter; Hadler, Hanna; Röbke, Björn Roman; Willershäuser, Timo


Historical accounts indicate that the coasts of the Gulf of Lakonia (southeastern Peloponnese) have been repeatedly affected by tsunamis during historical times. However, for southeastern Lakonia only few data have been published which give information on palaeotsunami imprints in the region dealing with sedimentary and geomorphological features in near-coast environments. The small number of publications is certainly related to the fact that promising geological archives do not exist in the study area. In search of palaeotsunami traces we focused on different geo-archives along the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese, namely along the shores of the Bays of Vatika and Boza. On the basis of sedimentological, geomorphological, geophysical, geochemical and microfaunal investigations we detected different sediment layers related to high-energy event deposits. Presented analyses prove repeated tsunamigenic inundation in the study area. One of the detected events most likely correlates to the well-known 365 AD tsunami, and another younger event must have affected the coasts of southeastern Lakonia in the Early Modern Age.


coastal geomorphologylakoniapalaeotsunamipeloponnese