Original paper

Seasonal erosion patterns under alpine conditions: benefits and challenges of a novel approach in physically based soil erosion modeling

Schindewolf, Marcus; Kaiser, Andreas; Neugirg, Fabian; Richter, Constanze; Haas, Florian; Schmidt, Jürgen


Alpine steep slopes represent a major sediment source in Central Europe. Especially, the investigated Lainbach catchment in southern Bavaria, Germany, is prone to high geomorphological activity. However, little is known about process differentiation. To increase knowledge about seasonal dynamics e.g. runoff related vs. freeze processes, field experiments and modeling approaches were carried out during our research. A first steep terrain application of the physical based soil erosion model EROSION 3D aims on identification of erosion processes by running water. Parameters were derived from rainfall simulation experiment. The modeled data were validated by a terrestrial laser scanning. The approach produced plausible results for the summer period but faced challenges under winterly conditions. Nevertheless, initial data analysis shows promising results. As further experiments are planned, an adequate reproduction of sediment loss seems feasible.


snow melt erosiondodlidarsteep slope erosionterrestrical laser scanningrainfall simulationerosion 3d