Original paper

Modern resource use and its impact in karst areas – agriculture, forestry and grazing

Tanács, Eszter


Although karst research in the past had a tendency to concentrate either on geology or geomorphology, in the last few decades karsts have been increasingly considered complex ecosystems and much emphasis was placed on their 3-dimensional nature, which renders them even more vulnerable than other similar environments and ecosystems. This article aims to present some past and current trends and issues related to agricultural activities in karstic regions, concerning mainly grazing and forestry. It is vital to see that land use and land cover are definitive from the point of view of karstic processes while they themselves are strongly defined by the socio-economic environment. Karst regions can be found everywhere in the world and some countries struggle with issues that seem long solved in other areas while in the latter new problems emerge.


forestrygrazingdeforestationkarstforest transition