Original paper

Vulnerability and auto-restoration capacities of karst geoecosystems

Bárány-Kevei, Ilona


The Study Group Man's Impact in Karst was established by the International Geographical Union in Paris in 1984. The main objective of this working group was to study the various effects of deforestation, irrigation, chemically pollution and other human impact on the different karst areas around the world. The next conference with theme "Karst and Man" was organized in Slovenia. Since then the Karst Commission of IGU has a key interest on the damaging effects of anthropogenic activity on karst. In the recent decades the environmental impacts have influenced the karst ecosystem dynamics unfavourably. The 3D dimensional karst system is extremely vulnerable and its autorestoration capability is small. The present study gives a review on the main directions of previous karst research focusing on this problem and a erwards points out the major changes in the karst ecosystem and their consequences.


karst and manvulnerability and restoration on karstskarst-geoecosystem