Original paper

Introduction to the special issue on Photogeomorphology and Landscape Change

Thornbush, M. J.; Allen, C. D.


In this introduction to the special issue on Photogeomorphology and Landscape Change, the guest editor and section editor team up to provide a background to the use of photography and imagery within geomorphology. The authors examine a range of approaches and applications within the geomorphology subfield (of photogeomorphology), where historical imagery (either in print as photographs or as digital images), such as postcards, books, archival collections, and so forth, are adopted for portrayal, comparison, and measurement of landscape alterations across both time and space. The uses have been myriad, as they are applied from a variety of approaches and represent a visual tool for assessment and quantification. Following a brief commentary on various approaches and applications, this introduction outlines papers contained as part of the special issue that represent a variety of current approaches and applications adopted within a photogeomorphological methodology to study landscape change.


repeat photography/rephotographyremote sensingphotographsdemsgeoreferencingautomatic capture(high-resolution) digital imagerygpsquantitative empirical studiesuavs