Original paper

Coastal dunes landscape change in Poland – a research method based on photographic studies

Łabuz, Tomasz Arkadiusz


The work presents research on foredune transformation in developed areas of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. This paper presents issues of the Polish coastal dune landscape changes since the beginning of 20th century. Presented data are a part of the long-term research conducted along the whole Polish coast since 1997. The long-term dunes evolution in selected coastal towns was described basing old photographs. The indicators of short-term dynamics were presented on images from the video cameras. Collected data demonstrate coastal dune transformation in developed areas on the Polish Baltic Sea coast during last 150 years. Techniques used in described research are: comparison of postcards, own photography documentation based on fieldwork and the analysis of recordings from video cameras located in coastal towns. The analysis of photographs provided supplementary data describing relief development, vegetation succession, and human impact in the dune environment. The photographs selection depends on identification of the same points that are characteristic for studied part of coastline. Paper also presents own performing procedure used in the research. The usefulness landmarks recorded on photographs are discussed.


postcardsimagesgeomorphologycross-temporal changelandscape evolution