Original paper

Combining GPS-RTK and rephotographic methodologies for the assessment of transformations of the ephemeral landforms of the near foreland of a valley glacier (Scottbreen, Svalbard)

Kociuba, Waldemar; Krząstek, Paweł; Superson, Józef


This article presents the analysis of landscape changes in the lower part of the intramarginal outwash plain of the Scott Glacier (Wedel Jarlsberg Land, SW Svalbard). The survey was carried out in the ablation season of 2012. The primary objective of the study was the estimation of the dynamics of ephemeral landforms in the zone of the pre-glacial reservoir, transformed in layers during periodic phase due to flash floods. Considerable transformations of ephemeral landforms were documented. The most substantial transformations concerned longitudinal bars. Lateral bars changed to an inconsiderable degree. The relief of the main braided system of the Scott River draining the valley glacier remained unchanged. The applied method combining the GPS-RTK survey with rephotographs permitted tracking the transformation of the ephemeral landscape forms of the lower part of the Scott Glacier's intramarginal outwash plain revealed only in the conditions of low water levels.


valley glacierforelandlandscape change analysesgps-rtk and rephotographic methodsephemeral landforms