Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, NF Volume 43 Issue 3

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(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, NF, Volume 43 Issue 3)

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Thomas, M. F.: Evidence for high energy landforming events on the
central African plateau: eastern province, Zambia (with 16 figures) 273

Charistos, D., E. Vavliakis, E. Dotsika, A. Dalaxopoulou & Ch. Botos:
Water chemistry variations in inputs to Lake Nissiou (Northern Greece)
and their implications for calcareous tufa deposition (with 14 figures
and 3 tables) 299
Dayan, E., A. Bílgín & M. Hancer: Die Karsterscheinungen an den
östlichen Hängen des Davras Dagi (Westlicher Taurus): Karren, Dolinen,
Uvalas (mit 11 Figuren und 1 Tabelle) 321
Lichte, M. & H. Behling: Dry and cold climatic conditions in the
formation of the present landscape in Southeastern Brazil (with 9
figures and 2 tables) 341
Martin, C. & Y. Chevalier: Comportement hydrochimique après incendie de
foret du bassin versant du Rimbaud (massif des Maures, France) (avec 8
figures et 6 tableaux) 359
Hou, J.-J., T.-X. Bai, H.-H. Liang & X.-D. Liu: The deformation types
of active faults in unconsolidated sediments and their implication for
recognizing rupture events (with 5 figures) 383
Mahaney, W. C., K. Sanmugadas & R. G. V. Hancock: Extractable Fe and
Al of soils in the Middle Teton chronosequence, Western Wyoming, USA
(with 4 figures and 5 tables) 393
International Association of Geomorphologists - Newsletter no. 16 (3/1999) 409
Rezensionen 413