Phytocoenologia Band 31 Heft 1

2001. 159 pages, 16x24cm, 370 g
Language: English

(Phytocoenologia, Band 31 Heft 1)

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Barber, A., Tun, J. & Crespo, M.B.: A new approach on the
bioclimatology and potential vegetation of the Yucatan Peninsula
(Mexico) 1

Blasi, C., Di Pietro, R., Filesi, L. & Fortini, P.: Syntaxonomy,
chorology and dynamics of Carpir~us orientalis communities in Central
Italy 33

Freitag, H., Golub, V.B. & Yuritsyna, N.A.: Halophytic plant
communities in the northern Caspian lowlands: 1, annual halophytic
communities 63
Perez Latorre, A.V., Caritat, A. & Vilar, L1.: Use of growth forms for
describing and comparing Quercus sulkier forests in the Iberian
Peninsula 109
Torres, J.A., García-Fuentes, A., Salazar, C. & Cano, E.: Communities
of the Festucion scariosae alliance in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) 123
Corrigenda to Guisan, A. & Theurillat, J.-P.: Equilibrium modeling of
alpine plant distribution: how far can we go? (Phytocoenologia 30/3-4,
p. 353 - 384, 2000) 147

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