Diatom Research Volume 14 Number 2

1999. 199 pages, 510 g
Language: English

(Diatom Research, Volume 14 Number 2)

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COHN, S. A., SPURCK, T. P. & PICKETT-HEAPS, J. D. High energy
irradiation at the leading tip of moving diatoms causes a rapid change
of cell direction. 193-206
COX, E. J. Studies on the diatom genus Navicula Bory. VIII. Variation
in valve morphology in relation to the generic diagnosis based on
Navicula tripunctata (O.F. Müller) Bory. 207-237
CRAWFORD, R. M. & LIKHOSHWAY, Y. The frustule structure of original
material of Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen. 239-250
HAKANSSON, H. & CHEPURNOV, V. A study of variation in valve morphology
of the diatom Cyclotella meneghiniana in monoclonal cultures: effect
of auxospore formation and different salinity conditions. 251-272
HEIN, M. K. & WINSBOROUGH, B. M. Brassierea vivens gen. et sp. nov., a
new benthic marine diatom from the Bahamas. * 273-283
LAING, T. E., PIENITZ, R. & SMOL, J. P. Freshwater diatom assemblages
from 23 lakes located near Norilsk, Siberia: a comparison with
assemblages from other circumpolar treeline regions. 285-305
LAM, P. K.-S. & LI, A. Colonization of periphytic algae on artificial
substrates in a tropical stream. 307-322
MAIDANA, N. I. Thalassiosira patagonica sp. nov. (Thalassiosiraceae,
Bacillariophyceae), a new lacustrine centric diatom from Santa Cruz,
Argentina. * 323-329
MAIDANA, N. I. & ROUND, F. E. Corbellia contorta gen. & sp. nov.
(Bacillariophyceae). A new diatom genus from Santa Cruz Province
(Argentina). * 331-336
NAGAI, S. & IMAI, I. The effect of salinity on the size of initial
cells during vegetative cell enlargement of Coscinodiscus wailesii
(Bacillariophyceae) in culture. 337-342
ROUND, F. E., HALLSTEINSEN, H. & PAASCHE, E. On a previously
controversial "Fragilarioid" diatom now placed in a new genus
Nanofrustulum. * 343-356
SOUZA, M. G. M. & P. COMPERE. New diatom species from the Federal
District of Brazil. * 357-366
preliminaires sur les diatomees benthiques de substrats meubles dans la
lagune de Venise, Italie (Mars 1994-Janvier 1995). 367-379
WILLIAMS, R. M., EDLUND, M. B. & STOERMER, E. F. Taxonomy and
morphology of Cymbella stuxbergii from lakes in the Baikal Rift Zone. 381-392
* These papers contain new combinations and new species