Diatom Research Volume 16 Number 1

2001. 258 pages, 650 g
Language: English

(Diatom Research, Volume 16 Number 1)

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HASLE, G. R. The marine, planktonic diatom family Thalassionemataceae:
morphology, taxonomy and distribution. 1-82
SHIONO, M. Two new species of the Thalassiosira trifulta group in late
Pliocenesediments of the Northwest Pacific Ocean. 83-92
SUZUKI, H., TANAKA, J. & NAGUMO, T. Morphology of the marine diatom
Cocconeis pseudomarginata Gregory var. intermedia Grunow. 93-102
LANGE-BERTALOT, H. & COMPERE, P. Fragilaria subgen. Ulnaria,
comb. nov., the correct name of the subgenus including Synedra ulna, when
treated in Fragilaria. 103-104
ROUND, F. E. How large is a river? The view from a diatom. 105-108
STERRENBURG, F. A. S. Transfer of Surirella patrimonii Sterrenburg to
the genus Petrodictyon. 109-111
Professor Iraida Makarova (1929-2000) 113-124
ANDRESEN, N. A. & EDLUND, M. B. Index to Diatom Research 125-246
Volumes 1-14, 1986-1999.
Contents of Diatom Research (volumes 1-14), 1986-1999. 247-258