Diatom Research Volume 17 Number 1

2002. 270 pages, 17x25cm, 640 g
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(Diatom Research, Volume 17 Number 1)

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HÄKANSSON, H. A compilation and evaluation of species in the general 1-139

Stephanodiscus, Cyclostephanos and Cyclotella with a new genus in the family
GUERRERO, J.M. & ECHENIQUE, R.O. Cyclostephanos patagonicus sp. 141-151
nov., a new freshwater diatom from Western Patagonia (Argentina).
PRIISHOLM, K., MOESTRUP, 0. & LUNDHOLM, N. Taxonomic notes on 153-175
the marine diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia in the Andaman Sea near the island
of Phuket, Thailand, with a description of Pseudo-nitzschia micropora sp. nov.
ROSS, R. & SIMS, P.A. Trossulus Ross & Sims, a new genus of the 177-188
SAWER, J., WENDEROTH, K., MAIER, U.G. & RHIEL, E. Effects of salinity, 189-203
light and time on the vertical migration of diatom assemblages.
SIMS, P.A. & CHAMBERS, P.M. The fossil marine genus Rhaphidophora Long, 205-217
Fuge & Smith.
SOW, E.H. & DIENE, M. Résultats préliminaires sur les diatomées de la 219-234
Casamance (Senegal): mise en evidence de deux periodes pluviales le long du
sondage de Sedhiou.
VIJVER, B. VAN de, LEDEGANCK, P. & LEBOUVIER, M. Luticola beyensii 235-241
sp. nov., a new aerophilous diatom from Ile Saint Paul (Indian Ocean, Taaf).
ZALAT, A.A. Distribution and origin of diatoms in the bottom sediments
of the 243-266
Suez Canal lakes and adjacent areas, Egypt.
REVIEWS 267-270