Diatom Research Volume 17 Number 2

2002. 202 pages, 17x25cm, 510 g
Language: English

(Diatom Research, Volume 17 Number 2)

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BUSSE, S. & SNOEIJS, P. Navicula sjoersii sp. nov., N. bossvikensis
sp. nov. and N. perminuta Grunow from the Baltic Sea. 271-282
NAVARRO, R., J.N. Florella pascuensis sp. nov., a new marine diatom
species from Easter Island (Isle de Pascua), Chile. 283-289
PRASAD, A.K.S.K., NIENOW, J.A. & LIVINGSTON, R.J. The marine diatom
genus TryLlioptychus Hendey (Thalassiosiraceae, Coscinodiscophyceae):
Fine structure, taxonomy, systematics and distribution. 291-308
REID, G. & WILLIAMS, D.M. The marine diatom genus Climaconeis
(Berkeleyaceae, Bacillariophyta): two new species from Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates. 309-318
ROUND, F.E. & ALEXANDER, C.G. Licmosoma- a new diatom genus growing on
barnacle cirri. 319-326
SAR, E.A., HERNANDEZ-BECERRIL, D.U. & SUNESEN, 1. A morphological
study ot Chaetoceros tenuissimus Meunier, a little-known planktonic
diatom, with a discussion of the section Simplicia, subgenus
Hyalochaete. 327-335
SHIONO, M. & KOIZUMI, 1. Taxonomy of the Azpeitia nodulifera group in
Late Neogene sediments from the northwest Pacific Ocean. 337-362
SIMS, P.A. & CRAWFORD, R.M. The morphology and taxonomy of the marine
centric diatom genus Paralia. 11. Paralia crenulata, P. fausta and the
new species, P. hendeyi. 363-382
SIMS, P.A. & HENDEY, N.l. A note on the valve structure of Triceratium
heterogonum Barker & Meakin, an unusual species from Conset, Barbados. 383-390
TIFFANY, M.A. Valve morphogenesis in the marine araphid diatom
Gephyria media (Bacillariophyceae) 391-400
TOLOMIO, C., MOSCHIN, E. & DUZZIN, B. Distribution des diatomees
benthiques de substrats meubles dans le bassin sud de la Lagune de
Venise, Italie. 401-414
VAN DE VIJVER, B. Frustulia cirisiae sp. nov, a new aerophilous diatom
from Ile de la Possession (Crozet Archipelago, Subantarctica). 415-421
VAN EETVELDE, Y. & CORNET, C. Some Eocene species of marine pyritized
diatoms in the core of Saint-Josse (France). 423-425
species of Tetracyclus (Bacillariophyceae) from the Miocene deposit of
Tunka Ridge, Lake Baikal. Siberia. Russia. 437-443
WOLF, M., SCHEFFLER, W. & NICKLISCH, A. Stephanodiscus neoustraea and
Stephanodiscus heterostylus (Bacillariophyta) are one and the same
species. 445-451
MEDLIN, L.K. Why silica or better yet why not silica? Speculations as
to why the diatoms utilise silica as their cell wall material. 453-459
STERRENBURCI, F.A.S. Taxonony and the Web? 461-463
POULIN, M. Lectotypification of previously described diatoms from
marine coastal habitats (Quebec, Canada). 465-466
REVIEWS 467-473