Diatom Research Volume 19 Number 2

2004. 223 pages, 17x25cm, 560 g
Language: English

(Diatom Research, Volume 19 Number 2)

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Battegazzore, M., Morisi, A., Gallino, B. & Fenoglio, S.:Environmental quality
evaluation of alpine springs in NW Italy using benthic diatoms.149-165
Cohn, S.A., Bahena, M., Davis, J.T., Ragland, R.L., Rauschenberg, C.D. & Smith,
B.J.: Characterisation of the diatom photophobic response to high irradiance. 167-179
Consalvey, M., Paterson, D. M. & Underwood, G.J.C.:The ups and downs of life
in a benthic biofilm: migration of benthic diatoms. 181-202
Houk, V. & Klee, R.: The stelligeroid taxa of the genus Cyclotella (Kützing)
Brébisson (Bacillariophyceae) and their transfer into the new genus Discostella
gen. nov. 203-228
Jahn, R. Discovery of the type specimen of Pinnularia gastrum Ehrenberg,
the type species of the genus Placoneis Mereschkowsky. 229-234
Jüttner, I., Reichardt, E. & Cox, E.J.: Taxonomy and ecology of some new
Gomphonema species common in Himalayan streams. 235-264
Riaux-Gobin, C. & Poulin, M.: Possible symbiosis of Berkeleya adeliensis
Medlin, Synedropsis fragilis (Manguin) Hasle et al. and Nitzschia lecointei
Van Heurck (Bacillariophyta) associated with land-fast ice in Adélie Land,
Antarctica. 265-274
Sterrenberg, F.A.S. & Tiffany, M.A: Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and
Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae). Two new species from the Red Sea: Gyrosigma
schmidianum nov. sp. and Gyrosigma tubicolum nov. sp. 275-281
Strelnikova, N.I., Fourtanier, E. & Kociolek, J.P.: Morphological studies of
Aulacodiscus species from the “Russian Collection” of the California Academy
of Sciences. 283-310
Tapia, P.M., Theriot, E.C., Fritz, S.C., Cruces, F. & Rivera, P.:
Distribution and morphometric analysis of Cyclostephanos andinus comb. nov., a
planktonic diatom from the Central Andes.311-327; Zong, Y. & Hassan, K.B.
Diatom assemblages from two mangrove tidal flats in Peninsular Malaysia.
Opinion: Medlin, L.K.: Comment in reply to Schmid (2003) “The evolution of the
silicified diatom cell wall – revisited”. 345-351; Reid, G. Pleurosigma obscurum
W. Smith or Gyrosigma obscurum (W. Smith) Griffith et Henfrey ? The Tale of Two
Note: Aboal, M. & Silva, P.C.: Validation of new combinations. 361.
Obituary: John Clayton Kingston (1949–2004). 363-372.