Diatom Research Volume 21 Number 1

2006. 17x25cm, 610 g
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(Diatom Research, Volume 21 Number 1)

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Bramberger, A.J., Haffner, G.D., Hamilton, P.B., Hinz, F.
& Hehanussa, P.E.: An examination of species within the genus
Surirella from the Malili Lakes, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, with
descriptions of 11 new taxa 1-56
Cavacini, P., Tagliaventi, N. & Fumanti, B.: Morphology, ecology
and distribution of an endemic Antarctic lacustrine diatom:
Chamaepinnularia cymatopleura comb. nov. 57-70
Danielidis, D.B., Ford, K. & Kennett, D.: Transfer of Amphora
eulensteinii Grunow to the genus Seminavis D.G. Mann. 71-80
Oliva, M.G., Lugo, A., Alcocer, J. & Cantoral-Uriza, E.A.:
Cyclotella alchichicana sp.nov. from a saline Mexican lake. 81-89
Quiroga, I.: Pseudo-nitzschia blooms in the Bay of Banyuls-sur-Mer,
northwestern Mediterranean Sea. 91-104
Rott, E., Kling, H. & McGregor, G.: Studies on the diatom Urosolenia
Round & Crawford (Rhizosoleniophycideae) Part 1. New and re-classified
species from subtropical and tropical freshwaters. 105-124
Sims, P.A.: A revision of the genus Rattrayella De-Toni including a
discussion on related genera. 125-158
Torrisi, M. & Dell'Uomo, A.: Biological monitoring of some Apennine
rivers (central Italy) using the diatom-based Eutrophication/
Pollution Index (EPI-D) compared to other European diatom indices. 159-174
Witon, E. & Witkowski, A.: Holocene diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) from
Faeroe Islands Fjords, Northern Atlantic Ocean. II. Distriubtion
and taxonomy of marine taxa with special reference to benthic forms.175-215
Soininen, J.: Local and regional coexistence of diatoms - on the mechanisms
promoting high local diatom species richness. 217-223
Jahn, R. & Kusber, W.-H.: Ceratoneis reimannii nom. nov., a new name
for the marine species C. fusiformis R. Jahn et Kusber. 225-226
Armand, L.: Neogene Polar Marine Diatom Workshop, 1-6th August 2005,
Yamagata, Japan. 227-228
Prof. Anastaasia Jouse on the one hundredth anniversary of her birth,
July 31, 1905. 229-239
Review 241
John Platt Bradbury (1936-2005) 243-247
Publicaton of the Proceedings of the 18th International Diatom Symposium,
Poland. 2nd-7th September 2004. Editor: Andrzej Witkowski 249