Diatom Research Volume 21 Number 2

2006. 237 pages, 17x25cm, 580 g
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(Diatom Research, Volume 21 Number 2)

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ALVERSON, A.J., KANG, S.-H. & THERIOT, E.C. Cell wall morphology and 251-262
systematic importance of Thalassiosira ritscheri (Hustedt) Hasle,
with a description of Shionodiscus gen. nov.
BADYLAK, S., PHLIPS, E. & KELLEY, K. Pseudo-nitzschia calliantha 263-267
(Bacillariophyceae) from the Indian River Lagoon, Florida.
EDLUND, M.B., BRANT, L.A., LEVKOV, Z. & NAKOV, T. An emended description
of Decussata (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin that includes protoplast
organization and detailed valve and cingulum ultrastructure. 269-280
LEVKOV, Z. & WILLIAMS, D.M. Two new species of Diatoma from Lakes
Ohrid and Prespa, Macedonia. 281-296
LEVKOV, Z., NAKOV, T. & METZELTIN, D. New species and combination from the genus Sellaphora Mereschkowsky from Macedonia. 297 311
LI, Y., GONG, Z., XIE, P. & SHEN, J. Distribution and morphology of
two endemic gomphonemoid species, Gomphonema kaznakowi
Mereschkowsky and G. yangtzensis Li nov. sp. in China. 313-324
MORALES, E.A. Small Planothidium Round et Bukhtiyarova
(Bacillariophyceae) taxa related to P. daui (Foged)
Lange-Bertalot from the United States. 325-342
MORALES, E.A. & MANOYLOV, K.M. Morphological studies on selected taxa
in the genus Staurosirella Williams et Round (Bacillariophyceae) from
rivers in North America. 343-364
PILLSBURY, R.W. & SLAVIK, K.A. Pinnularia aldenii sp. nov., a diatom
from acidichabitats in Northern Michigan. 365-370
TANAKA, H. & NAGUMO, T. Stephanodiscus miyagiensis sp. nov. from
Pleistocene sediment in Northeastern Japan.371-378
TOBIAS, A.C. & GAISER, E.E. Taxonomy and distribution of diatoms in
the genus Gomphonema from the Florida Everglades, U.S.A. 379-405
TURPIN, V., PONDAVEN, P. & RINCE, Y. A fast colorimetric assay to
control growth of algal strains: application to numeration of marine
diatom cells. 407-413
ULANOVA, A. & SNOEIJS, P. Lunella garyae sp.nov. - a
new polyhalobous diatom from the English Channel coast. 415-426
VAN DER VIJVER, B. & GREMMEN, N. Three new moss-inhabiting diatom
species from sub-Antarctic Marion Island. 427-439
VAN DER VIJVER, B. & MCBRIDE, P. Gomphonema isabellae Van de Vijver sp.
nov., new freshwater diatom species from sub-Antarctic
Macquarie Island (southern Pacific Ocean). 441-449
SIMKHADA, B.Proposal to use unique abbreviation for diatom genera. 451 456
WILLIAMS, D.M. & REID, G. Diatom biogeography and water babies: the
search for meaning among the protists. 457 462
Validation of Discostella stelligera var. microrobusta Flower
var. nov., a new name for Cyclotella stelligera var.
microrobusta Flower. 463-464
hungarica (Grunow) Round & Basson from Southern Brazil:
ultra-structure, plastic morphology and ecology.
SATO, S. & MEDLIN, L.K. Motility of non-raphid diatoms. 473-477
Robert Ross (1912-2005). 479-488