Diatom Research Volume 22 Number 1

2007. 243 pages, 17x25cm, 590 g
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(Diatom Research, Volume 22 Number 1)

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Cocquyt, C. & Jahn, R. Surirella engleri O. Müller - a study of its original
infraspecific types, variability and distribution 1-16
Crawford, R.M. & Sims, P.A. Ellerbeckia baileyi (H.L. Smith) Crawford & Sims
comb. nov.: typification and frustule morphology of a rare freshwater fossil
diatom. 17-26
Ersanli, E. & Gonulol, A. Epiphytic diatoms on Cladophora rivularis
(Linnaeus) Hoek (Chlorophyta) and Potamogeton pectinatus Linnaeus
(Spermatophyta) in Lake Simenit (Samsun - Turkey). 27-44
Fernandes, L.F., Procopiak, L.K. & Portinho, D. Brandinia mosimanniae gen.
nov. et sp.nov., a new marine epilithic diatom from the Antarctic coasts
Houk, v., Klee, R. & Passauer, U. Observations on taxa of Melosira sensu
lato among the slides from the Grunow diatom collection in Vienna
(Austria) Part 1 57-80
Kaluzhnaya, O.V. & Likhoshway, Y.V. Valve morphogenesis in an araphid diatom
Synedra acus subsp. radians. 81-87
Klee, R. & Houk, V. Valve ultrastructure studies of Discostella glomerata
(Bachmann) Houk & Klee 89-103
Knattrup, A., YDE, M., Lundholm, N. & Ellegaard, M. A detailed description
of a Danish strain of Nitzschia sigmoidea, the type species of Nitzschia,
providing a reference for future morphological and phylogenetic studies
of the genus 105-116
Kusber, W.-H. & Cocquyt, C. Craticula elkab (O. Müller) Lange-Bertalot,
Kusber & Cocquyt, comb.nov. - typification and observations based on
African sediment core material 117-126
Linares-Cuesta, J.E. & Sanchez-Castillo, P.M. Fragilaria nevadensis sp.nov.,
a new diatom taxon from a high mountain lake in the Sierra Nevada
(Granada, Spain). 127-134
Poulicková, A. & Jahn, R. Campylodiscus clypeus (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg ex
Kützing: typification, morphology and distribution. 135-146
Rimet, F., Gomà, J., Cambra, J., Bertuzzi, E., Cantonati, M., Cappelletti, C.,
Ciutti, F., Cordonier, A., Coste, M., Delmas, F., Tison, J., Tudesque, L.,
Vidal, H. & Ector, L. Benthic diatoms in western European streams with
altitudes above 800 M: characterisation of the main assemblages and
correspondence with ecoregions 147-188
Safonova, T.A., Aslamov, I.A., Basharina, T.N., Chenski, A.G., Vereschagin,
A.L., Glyzina, O.U. & Grachev, M.A. Cultivation and automatic counting
of diatom algae cells in multi-well plastic plates 189-195
Sims, P.A. & Crawford, R.M. The fossil diatom genus Truania Pantocsek and
its relationship with Ellerbeckia Crawford. 197-207
Usoltseva, M.V. & Likhoshway, Y.V. an analysis of type material of
Aulacoseira islandica (O. Müller) Simonsen 209-216
Opinion: Medlin, L.K. Continued ideas on the evolution of silica
metabolism 217-226
Note: Kooistra, W.H.C.F. & Medlin, L.K. Species concepts in diatoms: a
clarification. 227-228
Obituaries: David B. Czarnecki (1947-2006) 229-235
Lesley A. Edgar (1955-2006) 237-240
Book Reviews 241-243
Index: to new names and combinations appearing in this number 245