Diatom Research Volume 22 Number 2

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(Diatom Research, Volume 22 Number 2)

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Burliga, A.L., Torgan, L.C. & Beaumord, A.C., Eunotia ariengae sp.von., an
epilithic diatom from Brazilian Amazon 247-1253
Cocquyt, C. Diatom diversity in Hausburg Tarn, a glacial lake on Mount
Kenya, East Africa 255-285
Kiss, K.T., Acs, E., Szabo, K.E., Miracle, M.R. & Vicente, E.
Morphological observations on Cyclotella distinguenda Hustedt and
C. delicatula Hustedt from the core sample of a meromictic karstic
lake of Spain (Lake La Cruz) with aspects of their ecology 287-308
Kociolek, J.P., Fourtanier, E., Rubenstein, J. & Encinas, A.
Adoneis miocenica, a new species from Chile, with comments on the
morphological separation of centric and pennate diatoms 309-316
Manoylov, K.M. On some Psammothidium species from rivers in the
United States 317-327
Riaux-Gobin, C., Witkowski, A. & Romero, O.E. Cocconeis germainii sp. nov.
and a related taxon from Kerguelen Archipelago (Austral Ocean, Indian
Sector). 329-340
Sar, E.A., Sunesen, I., Jahn, R., Kusber, W.-H. & Lavigne, A.S.
Revision of Odontella atlantica (Frenguelli) Sar comb. et stat. nov.
with comparison to two related species, O. rhombus (Ehrenb.) Kütz. and
O. rhomboides R. Jahn et Kusber 341-353
Slate, J.E. & Stevenson, R.J. The diatom flora of phosphorus-enriched
and unenriched sites in an Everglades marsh. 355-386
Wachnicka, A.H. & Gaiser, E.E. Characterization of Amphora and
Seminavis from South Florida, U.S.A. 387-455
Willis, A., Pacifico, J., Dugdale, T.M. & Wetherbee, R.
Characterisation of the adhesion of fouling diatoms onto test surfaces 457-471
Soininen, J. Environmental and spatial control of freshwater diatoms -
a review. 473-490
Rivera, P. & Cruces, F. On the diatom Kioloma elongatum (Grunow) Hasle
(Thalassionemataceae) off the Chilean coast 491-493
Sterrenburg, F.A.S. Basionym of Gyrosigma scalprum 495
Szabó, K.E., Kiss, K.T., Tóth, B., Metzeltin, D. & Acs, E.
Navicula novaesiberica Lange-Bertalot; a new record of the species from
the Danube River in Hungary 497-502
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Index: to new names and combinations appearing in this number 509