Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 3 Number 1

Ed.: Jan Kutina

1986. 69 pages, 260 g
Language: English

(Global Tectonics and Metallogeny, Volume 3 Number 1)

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Preface 1
Part III
Abstracts of papers presented at the Santa Fe workshop, New Mexico,
September 1985
Contributions to Question A-1: Experience from the study of
deep-seated controls of mineralization 7
Contributions to Question B-1: Possible relationships between fracture
patterns of the present oceanic areas and the basement fracture
patterns of the present continental areas 11
Contributions to Question B-2: Possible role of an upper mantle
composition and structure in the genesis and distribution of major ore
deposits, ore clusters and mineral belts 14
Contributions to Question B-3: The development of mineral belts and
metallogenic provinces 18
Contributions to Question 8-4: Mineralogical and geochemical
indicators of large ore deposits 25
Contributions to Question C-1: Experience from application of
different geological, geophysical and geochemical methods to
exploration for concentrations of metals and a comparison of tectonic
signatures to such concentrations 26
Contributions to Question D-1: Case studies of parameters controlling
the genesis and location of large ore deposits, ore clusters, mineral
belts and metallogenic provinces 34
Part IV-1
Full text of papers of the Santa Fe workshop
First group of papers
E.S.T. O'Driscoll: The application of lineament tectonics in the
discovery of the Olympic Dam Cu-Au-U depositat Roxby Downs, South
Australia 43
M. Bensaid, J. Kutina, A. Mahmood and M. Saadi: Structural evolution
of Morocco and new ideas on basement controls of mineralization 59