Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Volume 4 Number 1-2

Ed.: Jan Kutina

1991. 96 pages, 400 g
Language: English

(Global Tectonics and Metallogeny, Volume 4 Number 1-2)

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Preface I
D. V. Rundqvist & 1. K. Rundqvist: Epicratonic Precambrian Structures
and the Role of Mantle Processes in Their Metallogeny (With 8 figures
in the text) 1
B. R. Doe: Source Rocks and the Genesis of Metallic Mineral Deposits
(With 1 figure and 1 table in the text) 13
J. Kutina: Metallogeny of mantle-rooted structures extending across
the Western edge of the Proterozoic North American craton (With 21
figures in the text) 21
A. M. Dziewonski: Modelling the Earth's Deep Interior (With 2 figures
in the text) 53
W. P. Leeman: Spatial variations in isotopic compositions of
Cordilleran igneous rocks: Implications for locus of lithospheric
tectonic boundaries 59
A. V. Heyl & M. R. Brock: Mineral deposits related to Phanerozoic
alkalic igneous rocks of the central part of the United States (With 1
figure in the text) 61
P. C. Lightfoot, W. Doherty, A. J. Naldrett, N. S. Gorbachev &
V. A. Fedorenko: Recent geochemical data from Noril'sk, USSR — The
relative roles of the mantle and crust in the genesis of Siberian
traps and mineralized and unmineralized intrusions (With 2 figures in
the text) 65
A. D. Shchegloy: Tin deposits and the mantle (With 3 figures in the
text) 69
M. A. Favorskaya & N. V. Vinogradov: Geological evolution of
ore-concentrating lineaments (With 3 figures in the text) 75
I. Kh. Khamrabaev, F. A. Usmanov & S. S. Seiduzova: Metallogeny and
deep structure of the West Tien-Shan lithosphere (With 3 figures and 2
tables in the text) 85