Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 57 No. 4

1999. 95 pages, 260 g

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 57 No. 4)

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Siváková D. & Sádovská, D.: Mating structure in marriages from Western
Slovakia based on isonymy and repeated pairs of surnames. With 1
figure and 8 tables in the text 289-301
Caravello, G. U., Tasso, M. & Lucchetti, E.: Distribution of surnames
and identities in the Ladin communities of the Dolomites. With 3
figures and 3 tables in the text 303-317
Luna, F. & Fuster, V.: Determinants of protogenetic interval in a West
Mediterranean rural population: La Alpujarra (Southeast Spain). With 1
figure and 2 tables in the text 319-324

Németh, A., Bodzsár, E. B. & Eiben, O. G.: Comparisons of fatness
indicators in Budapest children. With 6 tables in the text 325-337
Morelli, L., Vona, G., Varesi, L., Memmi, M., Autuori, L. & Calò,
C. M.: Finger dermatoglyphics in the Corsican population. With 1
figure and 6 tables in the text 339-347
Kavgazova, L., Stoev, R. & Mitova, Z.: Dermatoglyphic characteristics
of a population from the Central Rhodopes (South Bulgaria). With 3
figures and 9 tables in the text 349-360
Zheng Lianbin, Ao Zhiyi, Wo Jiying, Lu Shunhua & Han Zaizhu: Study on
pottical type, palmar and plantar digital formulae, hand clasping, arm
folding, handedness, leg folding and stride type in the Daur
population, China. With 2 tables in the text 361-369
Bericht 371-373

Dissertationen, Diplome, Magister- und Staatsexamensarbeiten in
Anthropologischen Instituten 1998 375-379
Referate 381-384