Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 58 No. 1

2000. 128 pages, 330 g

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 58 No. 1)

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Lassen, C., Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: Molecular sex identification of
stillborn and neonate individuals ("Traufkinder") from the burial site
Aegerten. With 3 figures 1-8
Hummel, S., Bramanti, B., Finke, T. & Herrmann, B.: Evaluation of
morphological sex determinations by molecular analyses. With 3 tables
Hummel, S., Bramanti, B., Schultes, T., Kahle, M., Haffner, S. &
Herrmann, B.: Megaplex DNA typing can provide a strong indication of
the authenticity of ancient DNA amplifications by clearly recognizing
any possible type of modern contamination. With 3 tables 15-21
Ludes, B. & Clisson, I.: Short Tandem Repeat loci analysis in forensic
casework. With 1 table 23-27
Schmerer, W. M., Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: STR-genotyping of
archaeological human bone: Experimental design to improve
reproducibility by optimization of DNA extraction. With 1 figure 29-35
Schultes, T., Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: Ancient DNA-typing approaches
for the determination of kinship in a disturbed collective burial
site. With 2 figures and 3 tables 37-44
Bramanti, B., Hummel, S., Schultes, T. & Herrmann, B.: STR Allelic
Frequencies in a German Skeleton Collection. With 2 figures 45-49
Haack, K.. Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: Ancient DNA fragments longer than
300 bp. With 1 figure and 2 tables 51-54
Faerman, M. & Jankauskas, R.: Paleopathological and molecular evidence
of human bone tuberculosis in Iron Age Lithuania. With 2 figures and 1
table 57-62
Immel, U.-D., Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: Reconstruction of kinship by
fecal DNA analysis of Orangutans. With 2 figures 63-6
Burger, J., Hummel, S., Pfeiffer, I. & Herrmann, B.: Palaeogenetic
analysis of pre)historic artifacts and its significance for
anthropology. With 2 figures and 2 tables 69-74
Wischmann, H., Hummel, S. & Herrmann, B.: Trace analysis of endogenous
and exogenous biomolecules from archaeological skeleton
materials. With 3 figures 77-83
Brandt, E., Wiechmann, I. & Grupe, G.: Possibilities of extraction and
characterization of ancient plasma proteins in archaeological
bones. With 3 figures 85-91
Wiechmann, I.: Molecular genetic analysis of the polymorphic apolipoprotein E
in modern and ancient human DNA samples. With 3 figures 93-91
Schweissing, M. M. & Grupe, G.: Local of nonlocal? A research of
strontium isotope ratios of theeth and bones on skeletal remains with
artificial deformed skulls. With 2 figures and 1 table 99-10
Fabig, A., Schutkowski, H. & Herrmann, B.: Differentiation between
occupational and dietary-related intake of barium in the
skeleton. With 3 figures 105-111
Schutkowski, H.: Neighbours in different habitats - Subsistence and
social differentiation in early mediaeval populations of the eastern
Swabian Alb. With 2 figures and 2 tables 113-124
Referate 121-128