Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 59 No. 1

2001. 250 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 59 No. 1)

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Schmidt, H. D., Scheil, H.-G. & Winkelbauer, S.: Helgoland
(Deutschland): Hamogenetische Untersuchung einer Inselpopulation. Mit
3 Abbildungen und 4 Tabellen 1-10
Varsahr, A. M., Spitsyn, V. A., Bychcovscaya, L. S. & Kravchuk, O. I.:
To the research of the gene pool of the Gagauz population of
Moldavia. With 2 figures and 3 tables 11-17
Belkovets, A. V., Kurilovich, S. A. & Agarwal, D. P.:
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR). Incidence of the C677T
mutation in a Siberian female population. With 2 tables 19-25
Singh, P., Singh, M., Gerdes, U. & Mastana, S. S.: Apolipoprotein E
polymorphism in India: High APOE*E3 allele frequency in Ramgarhia of
Punjab. With 4 figures and 2 tables 27-34
Kido, A., Susukida, R., Oya, M., Fujitani, N., Kimura, H. & Hara, M.:
FXIIIA Subtypes in Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Tibetans, South African
Blacks and South African Whites. With 2 figures and 2 tables 35-39
Pichardo: Valsequillo Biostratigraphy IV: Proboscidean Ecospecies in
Paleoindian Sites. With 2 figures and 1 table 41-60
Choudhary, R. P.: Anthropometric indices and nutritional deficiency signs in
preschool children of the Pahariya tribe of the Rajmahal Hills, Bihar. With 5
tables 61-71
Berichte 73-91
Referate 93-96