Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 61 No. 3

2003. 111 pages, 16x24cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 61 No. 3)

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Akbas, F., Aydin, M. & Cenani, A.: AB0 Blood Subgroup
Allele Frequencies in the Turkish Population. With 2 tables 257-260
Das, K., Das, M. K. & Mastana, S. S.: Genetic Diversity of Serum
Proteins in Three Subpopulations of the Maria Gond Tribe of Madhya
Pradesh, India. With 1 figure and 1 table 261-268
Pandey, B. N., Das, P. K. L., Husain, S., Anwer, Md. R. & Jha, A. K.:
Genetic studies among seven endogamous populations of the Koshi Zone,
Bihar (India). With 1 figure and 3 tables 269-274
Balgir, R. S.: Morphological and regional variations in body
dimensions of the Gujjars of different localities in North-Western
India. With 1 figure and 4 tables 275-285
Sanna, E., Soro, M. R., Cau, E. & Floris, G.: The Question of
Differences in Body Dimensions between Children from Endogamic and
Exogamic Matings: a Study in Sardinia. With 4 tables 287-296
Hashimoto, D. M., Schmid, J., Martins, F. M., Fonseca, A. M., Andrade,
L. H. B., Kirchengast, S. & Eggers, S.: The impact of the weight
status on subjective symptomatology of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:
A cross-cultural comparison between Brazilian and Austrian women. With
4 figures and 6 tables 297-310
Bose, K. & Chaudhuri, A. B.: Age variations in adiposity and body fat
composition among older Bengalee Hindu women of Calcutta, India. With
4 tables 311-321
Dhiman, S. R.: Association between immunoglobulin allotypes and
pulmonary tuberculosis. With 4 tables 323-330
Pashos, A. & Niemitz, C.: Results of an explorative empirical study on
human mating in Germany: Handsome men, not high-status men, succeed in
courtship. With 1 figure and 1 table 331-341
Berichte 343-347
Referate 349-368