Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 62 No. 1

2004. 128 pages, 16x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 62 No. 1)

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Flohr, S., von Berg, A. & Protsch von Zieten, R.: Die verschollenen
"pleistozänen" Menschenfunde von Weißenthurm, Kreis Mayen-Koblenz:
Neue und alte Informationen. Mit 2 Abbildungen 1-10
Pichardo, M.: Review of Horses in Paleoindian Sites of the
Americas. With 6 figures and 2 tables 11-35
Kirchengast, S.: Teenagerschwangerschaften aus evolutionsbiologischer
Sicht. Mit 1 Abbildung 37-49
Hanisch, D., Dittmar, M., Höhler, T. & Alt, K. W.: Contribution of
genetic and environmental factors to variation in body compartments -
a twin study in adults. With 4 tables 51-60
Peter, I., Ginsburg, E. Kh., Malkin, I. & Kobyliansky, E.: Israeli
Jewish infants of different descent: Growth patterns, likeness and
differences. Longitudinal study. With 2 figures and 7 tables 61-78
Leppik, A., Jürimäe, T. & Jürimäe, J.: Reproducibility of
anthropometric measurements in children: A longitudinal study. With 6
tables 79-91
Kasmel, J., Kaarma, H., Koskel, S. & Tiit, E.-M.: Body build classes
as a method for systematization of age-related anthropometric changes
in girls aged 7-8 and 17-18 years. With 3 figures and 4 tables 93-106
Verma, S. S. & Sharma, Y. K.: Estimation of Human Endurance Time. With
3 tables 107-114
Berichte 115-118
Referate 119-128