Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 62 No. 2

2004. 127 pages, 16x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 62 No. 2)

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Sardi, M. L., Ramírez Rozzi, F. & Pucciarelli, H. M.: The Neolithic
transition in Europe and North Africa. The functional craneology
contribution. With 2 figures and 7 tables 129-145
Zoossmann-Diskin, A., Gazit, E., Peleg, L., Shohat, M. & Turner, D.:
844ins68 in the cystathionine ß-synthase gene in Israel and review of
its distribution in the world. With 2 tables 147-155
Sanna, E., Usai, E. & Floris, G.: Inter-sex and intra-sex differences
in quantitative digital dermatoglyphics of Sardinian-speaking
groups. With 1 figure and 3 tables 157-167
Sanna, E., Melis, M., Soro, M. R.& Floris, G.: Evolution of marital
structure in 20 Sardinian villages from 1800 to 1974. With 3 figures
and 6 tables 169-184
Tasso, M., Lucchetti, E., Pizzetti, P. & Caravello, G.: Distribution
of surnames and linguistic-cultural identities of the Slovenian and
German minorities of northeastern Italy. With 2 figures and 5 tables
Veldre G. & Jürimäe T.: Anthropometric parameters and sexual
maturation in 12- to 15- year-old Estonian boys. With 2 figures and 5
tables 203-215 Szmodis, M. B., Bodzsár, É. B. Szmodis, I. & Mészáros
J.: Direct and indirect interrelations between anthropometric and
physiological variables in athletic and non-athletic adolescent girls:
a path-analytic study. With 5 figures and 4 tables 217-229
Pilloud, S.: Läßt sich mittels der Altersbestimmung anhand des
Zahnzementes auch bei älteren Individuen ein signifikanter
Zusammenhang zwischen histologischem und reellem Alter finden? Mit 2
Abbildungen und 3 Tabellen 231-239
In memoriam: Friedrich Schwarzfischer 241-242
Berichte 243-246
Referate 247-256