Anthropologischer Anzeiger Volume 63 No. 2

2005. 16x24cm, 290 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 63 No. 2)

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Dennison, J., Kieser, J. & Herbison, P.: The Incidence and Expression
of the Subcondylar Tubercle of the Mandible in Early Polynesians,
Modern Indians and Modern Europeans. With 4 figures and 5 tables
Baltova, S., Scheil, H.-G. & Schmidt, H.D.: Haemogenetic studies in
Bulgaria. With 5 figures and 4 tables 141-151
Alonso, V. & Luna, F.: Reproductive pattern in agrarian and immigrant
receptor populations: survey of El Ejido (SE Spain). With 4 figures
and 3 tables 153-163
Sharma, K. & Bakshi, S.: Genetic analysis of bilateral dermatoglyphic
asymmetry in twins and their parents. With 1 figure and 5 tables
Wedl., J. S., Schmelzle, R. & Friedrich, R.E.: Die Durchbruchszeiten
der bleibenden Zähne bei Jungen und Mädchen im Landkreis Stormarn,
Schleswig-Holstein (Deutschland). Mit 1 Abbildung und 2 Tabellen
Verma, S.S., Sharma, Y.K. & Anand, S.: A multivariate study of three
body measurements of different states of India. With 3 tables 199-204
Bose, K. Ghosh, A., Roy, S. & Gangopadhyay, S.: The relationship of
age, body mass index and waist circumference with blood pressure in
Bengalee Hindu male jute mill workers of Belur, West Bengal,
India. With 4 tables 205-212
Jagomägi, G. & Jürimäe, T.: The influence of anthropometrical and
flexibility parameters on the results of breaststroke swimming. With 3
tables 213-219
Rösing, F.W., Graw, M., Marré, B., Ritz-Timme, S., Rothschild, M.A.,
Rötzscher, K., Schmeling, A., Schröder, I. & Geserick, G.:
Empfehlungen für die forensische Geschlechts- und Altersdiagnose am
Skelett. 221-232
Referate 233-240