Monographic Studies

1999. 10 figures, 34 tables, 16x24cm, 280 g
Language: English

(Monographic Studies)

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De Pietro, R.: Identification of the larvae of Hydropsyche species
from Sicily and peninsular Italy (Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae) (with
11 figures and 3 tables) 91
Gerecke, R.: Further studies on hydryphantoid water mites in the W
Palaearctic region (Acari, Actinedida) (with 19 figures and 1 table)
Robarts, R. D., Zhulidov, A. V., Zhulidova, O. V., Pavlov, D. F.,
Headley, J. V., Reznikov, S. A., Matveev, A. A. & Lysenko, V. S.:
Biogeography and limnology of the Lake Taymyr-wetland system, Russian
Arctic: An ecological synthesis (with 5 figures and 12 tables) 159