Monographic Studies

2002. 135 pages, 16x24cm, 350 g
Language: English

(Monographic Studies)

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Young, J. O.: A long-term, ecological study of leeches in the stony,
littoral zone of British lakes (with 6 figures and 16 tables) 139
Korhola, A.; Weckström, J. & Blom, T.: Relationships between lake and
land-cover features along latitudinal vegetaton ecotones in arctic
Fennoscandia (with 9 figures and 6 tables) 203
Hahn, H. J.: Distribution of the aquatic meiofauna of the Marbling
Brook catchment (Western Australia) with reference to landuse and
hydrogeological features (with 7 figures and 5 tables) 237
Jersabek, Ch. D.: A case of considerable confusion in rotifer
taxonomy: the Cephalodella crassipes complex (with 4 figures and 1
table) 265