Monographic Studies

2003. IV, 129 pages, 175 figures, 79 tables, 16x24cm, 340 g
Language: English

(Monographic Studies)

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Jonasson, P. M.:Hypolimnetic eutrophication of the N-limited dimictic
L. Esrom 1908-1998. Pelagic-benthic coupling effects between
phytoplankton and profundal zoobenthos, its growth, respiration and
survival (with 1 aerial photo, 35 figures and 6 tables) 449
Brennan, A., Learner, M. A., Randerson, P. F. & Turk, R.: Chironomid
(Diptera: Chironomidae) species assemblages and their ecology in the
Wye river system (with 5 figures and 8 tables in the text and 2
appendices) 513
Pesiica, V. & Gerecke, R.: Water mites of the genera Albaxona,
Axonopsis, Barbaxonella and Erebaxonopsis (Acari,
Hydrachnidia: Aturidae: Axonopsinae) from Central Europe and the
Mediterranean area (with 7 figures) 563