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(Plinius, Volume 30)

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BRIGATTI M.F.: Bilancio dell'attività SIMP nel biennio 2002-2003 7

Verbale dell'Assemblea Generale dei Soci - Bellaria (RN), 17 settembre 2003 13
Verbale della Commissione elettorale 17
Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio consuntivo al
31/12/2002 19
Relazione dei Revisori dei Conti sul bilancio 2002 22
Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia - Bilancio preventivo 2004 23
Conferimento della medaglia Plinius 24
Assegnazione premi 25
AGOSTINI S.: Post-collisional magmatism in Western Anatolia: geochemical and
petrological characters, space-time distribution, geodynamic framework 31
BARBERINI V.: Rheological behaviour and microstructures of natural gypsum
experimentally deformed in simple shear 37
BASSO E.: Petro-mineralogical study of Neolithic pottery from the
Piacenza province and Pendimoun rock shelter (Alpes Maritimes France)
BELFIORE C.M.: Mineralogical, petrographic and geochemical
characterisation of pottery production of the late Minoan I kiln at
Haghia Triada (Creta) 48
BERGOMI M.A.: Integrated study of "gneiss chiari" in the framework of
the Orobic basement of Southern Alps (field relationships, mineral
chemistry, geochemistry and geochronology) 54
BETTI M.C.: Single crystal in situ dehydration study of natural
mordenite exchanged with transition metal cations 60
BIDDAU R.: Hydrogeochemical studies in the Osilo area (Sardinia) with
particular attention to the sorption process of arsenic 65
BONAZZA A.: Atmospheric carbon compound analysis in damage layers on
stone monuments 70

BRAIA G.: Quantitative analyses for the reconstruction of eruptive
mechanisms of explosive eruptions: the Averno 2 case in the Campi
Flegrei caldera 76
BURRONI A.: The acapulcoites of Frontier Mountain (Antarctica), the
cosmic impact rule during the evolution of primitive achondrite
meteorites 80

CRISTIANI C.: Mesozoic anorogenic plutonism in Puna plateau (NW
Argentina, Central Andes): petrogenetic and geodinamica implications
CROCIANI G.: Metamorphic evolution and petrogenesis of some migmatites
from the axial zone of the Variscan chain of Sardinia 90
CORETTI N.: Dioctahedral micas of high pressure: crystal-chemical and
structural characterization 94

DADEA C.: "Heavy metals" mobility in soils and sediments, and their
transfer to the biosphere: the case of arsenic in the Quirra plain
(Sardinia) 99
DELL'ERBA F.: Definition of physical parameters of explosive eruptions
of the Campi Flegrei caldera in the past 15 ka: implications for
volcanic hazard assessment 105
DELLISANTI F.: Relationship between tectonic shear strain and
minero-petrological features of politic rocks in the Northern
Apennines 107

DI BENEDETTO F.: Minero-chemical and spectroscopic investigations of
natural and synthetic sphalerite 112
DONATO P.: Aeolian rhyolites: pre-eruptive features and mixing dynamics 117

FERRANDO S.: Evolution of UHP eclogite and quartzite from Hushan and
Qinglongshan, Sulu orogen (Eastern China): a petrologic, minerochemical, fluid
inclusion and stable isotope study 123
FERRI F.: Experimentally determined phase relationships in metapelites
at near-solidus conditions 129
GIUFFRIDA F.: Mineralogical, petrographic and technical
characterisation of some clays of Central-Eastern Sicily 134

GRIZZETTI R.: In situ kinetic studies on the nucleation and growth of
LTA zeolite 138
MANGIACAPRA A.: Defining and modelling Newtonian viscosity of multicomponent
natural silicate melt: an application on Campi Flegrei caldera magmas 143
MARITAN L.: Archaeometric study of Etrusco Padana type pottery from
Venetian region: petrographic, chemical-physical analysis and
comparison with results of experimental firing of clay materials 148
MATTEUCCI F.: Crystallographic and spectroscopic investigations of
colouring mechanisms in ceramic pigments 155
MELE D.: Quantitative investigations for the reconstruction of the
transport and depositional mechanisms of explosive eruptions: the
Vesuvius Pollena eruption (472 AD) 160
MERCURIO P.: Composition and provenience of Byzantine mortars in Calabria.
Implication on production and conservation techniques 163
MIOTTI G.: The Toro-Ankole kamatugites (SW Uganda): relationship with
the other Western rift magmatic provinces and comparison with other
similar K-volcanics located in extensional or compressional
environment. Petrogenetic and geodynamic implications 169
NARDINI I.: New constraints for the tectono-magmatic framework of the
West Antarctic Rift System (WARS): geochemical, isotopic and
geochronological perspectives 174
PASTERO L.: Bulk and surface micro- and nano-morphology of calcite
crystals growing from gels and aqueous solutions in the presence of
impurities 180
PETRALIA F.: Ustica Island volcanism: succession of activity and
petrology of products 187
PROTO M.: Pre-eruptive conditions of Ignimbrite Campana magmatic
system deduced from melt inclusions studies 193
RAFFAELLI G.: Stone materials fromMarcheApennine (Central Italy),
"Carve triestino" (Northern Italy) and Istrian Peninsula (Croatia):
mineralogical, petrographical and petro-physical characterisation of
ancient quarries and employment in the architecture of the Northern
Marche 197
RIDOLFI F.: REE- and HFSE-minerals in peralkaline syenites:
crystal-chemistry and petrogenetic significance 202
RINALDI A.: Crystal chemical and structural features of trioctahedral
micas in the phlogopite-annitc join 207
SCOPELLITI G.: The Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in Western Tethys:
palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstruction by
high-resolution records of geochemical markers 212
SILVESTRI A.: The archaeometry of Roman and Medieval glass: bulk
characterisation and alteration processes. Raw materials for Roman
glass: an experimental study 218
SOLIGO M.: A new application of MU series in carbonates dating: 226Ra
chronology of a Holocenic freshwater (uranium poor) traversine 225
VENTRELLA G.: Shape analysis of clasts in the explosive eruption
deposits 230
MONTAGNA P.: Borsa SIMP 2002 per un soggiorno di studio all'estero:
relazione sull'attività svolta 235